Feast on This has made our life so easy. I just simply gave them our vision for our two events and they offered us millions of ideas to create the events into extraordinary and mind-blowing spreads that were within our budget.
Feast on This ASLTA Brad_Cohen
Brad Cohen
University ASL Professor

For those who are not familiar with who ASLTA (American Sign Language Teacher’s Association) is, they are the only national-level professional organization for American Sign Language and Deaf Studies educators. Naturally, being a part of the deaf community ourselves, we were more than thrilled to be part of this multi-day conference spanning over the course of 4 days. People from all over the world flew into San Diego just to attend this special occasion.

Planning this multi-day conference event required our team to consider the Deaf culture with regards to providing backdrops that were not distracting, plenty of lighting for everyone to see each other to communicate easily, and monitors for everyone to visually see the speakers.

To kick things off, the conference started with an opening ceremony for 475 guests at The New Children's Museum where they were encouraged to embrace their inner child. With such a fun theme, Feast on This provided memorable goodies like gelato floats, a donut wall, and freshly popped popcorn topped with an assortment of mix ins for guests to enjoy.

Feast on This ASLTA Opening Conference
Feast on This ASLTA Opening Conference
Feast on This ASLTA Conference

Following the opening ceremony, we put together customized boxed lunches for 158 people and hand delivered them to the Manchester Hyatt Hotel.

Feast on This ASLTA Conference Day 2

To wrap up the ASLTA conference, we staged a closing ceremony for 550 people at The Port Pavilion on Broadway. Sponsoring the closing ceremony (and celebrating their 40th anniversary) was DawnSign Press, the Nation's ASL and Deaf Culture Specialists who have published a number of American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture-related videos and books. In fact, you may be familiar with these books if you have ever taken an ASL class.

Feast on This - ASLTA Conference 2019 -DSP_SigningNaturally1
Feast on This - ASLTA Conference 2019 -DSP_SigningNaturally2

Making a special guest appearance for the closing ceremony was Alex Abenchuchan from The Daily Moth! While guests mingled and feasted on a Hawaiian inspired menu, Alex interviewed people on their experiences of being an ASL teacher and the impact that DawnSign Press had for them. The night then came to an end with a heartfelt speech from the CEO of DawnSign Press, Joe Dannis.

We’re so proud to be a part of the deaf community and to have been a part of such an amazing experience.

Check out the video from The Daily Moth below!