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Terms and Conditions

Catering Service Agreement Contracts

Deposit/Payment:  An initial 50% retainer and signed contract are due upon receipt of contract packet.  Payment in full is due ten (10) business days prior to the event date.  Any AGREED UPON changes will be authorized via a change order form.

Guarantee:  Once a Guest Guarantee Form is received five (5) business days prior to the event, the guaranteed guest count may not be reduced.  If the guaranteed number of guests is reduced by more than 10% of the guests planned for on the proposal, a price increase may occur.  Every effort will be made to accommodate any guest count increases after the guarantee has been given but may be subject to additional charges.

Labor:  An estimate of the event staff cost has been included on proposal.  If any staff overtime occurs at the event for reasons beyond our control, the client will be billed for those charges post event.

Cancellation:  If Client cancels the event for any reason, Feast on This will withhold from the retainer a fee for planning the event, including staff time at an hourly rate of $100.00, plus any non-cancelable cost to Feast on This.

Acts of God:  If the event is canceled by the Client due to rain, fire, flood or other Act of God, Feast on This may retain the deposit and/or bill additional costs incurred for planning, purchasing and preparation of goods and service as itemized and mutually agreed upon with the Client.  If the event is rescheduled the Feast on This is entitled to a fee that covers services and expenses that may be duplicated.

Release and Indemnify:  Both the Client and Feast on This agree to release, discharge, defend, indemnify and hold harmless the other party, from any liabilities or actions which arise from the event, except to the extent such injury or damage is caused by negligent actions or misconduct of Client/Guest or Coordinator/Staff at the event.

Market Price Changes:  Food market fluctuations may require us to change your menu, even after it has been confirmed, as some items become cost prohibitive or completely unavailable. We will notify you as soon as we learn of changes and give you the option to change your menu item or pay the increased cost.

Food Left Over:  Feast on This shall not leave and Client may not have left over food that has not been previously presented at event.  Feast on This shall not be held liable or responsible for the quality or safety of food after the event.

Insurance:  Feast on This will provide if requested a Certificate of Insurance as proof of General and Liquor Liability Insurance.  If the client wishes to be named as “additionally insured” on the Coordinator’s liability there will be a $50.00 fee.

Personal Property: Customer understands that all property brought to the event location, including but not limited to, all serving equipment, floral arrangements, skirting and linens, non-floral centerpieces, and all other property belonging to caterer, shall be removed by caterer at conclusion of the event. Feast on This Catering is not responsible for items broken or lost by vendors or sub-contractors.

Production Fee: Production fee is not a gratuity.  All or portion of this charge goes to cover administrative costs, insurances, licenses and other costs that are associated with your event. This includes the back-end costs that go into producing an event aside from the food itself, but not limited to, client meetings, site visits, insurance certificates, truck rentals, uniform costs, equipment and breakage costs. This fee offsets all the operational costs to ensure our clients aren’t worrying about asking you for help in these areas. This allows us to ensure the planning process is as easy as possible. While the catering contract shows the breakdown of the event elements and their costs, the production charge helps cover the cost of hours needed to prep and plan all aspects of the event. Gratuity for event staff is not included in this fee.