We are proud to say we already have an elevated sanitation structure (from our own high standards we set for our company as well as various contracts in the past that required an exceptional level of safety and sanitation).

So what does that mean for us now amidst a pandemic?

Your safety is our top priority and it starts with us:

  • We have designated our entire management team as the Sanitation Specialists who will oversee and manage sanitation efforts throughout the day.
  • All staff members will be sent through an additional safety and sanitization training program before re-joining our service staff team.
  • All staff members will wear masks and gloves throughout the duration of their shift.
  • FOT Management will listen to the needs of all staff to ensure that they are comfortable working in this new normal.
  • FOT will implement a new and improved sick leave policy for our service staff to ensure no staff member shows up to work sick; they will still receive pay for that scheduled shift.
  • We will track and document all temperatures of staff members before working their shift.
  • We still have FUN at events even from a safe 6 foot distance; pre-shift meetings, family dinner, event clean-up will all still happen but at a safe working distance.
  • Staff will be fed at events (at the expense of FOT) to ensure no outside food of any kind is brought into the event.
  • EXTREMELY limited traffic in the kitchen when food is present.
  • Keep in constant communication with our vendor and venue partners to ensure that we follow their specific safety practices while on their premises.

We will continue to exceed your safety and sanitization expectations in this new normal.