Weddings are finally back and we can't wait to celebrate with you! Gone are the days of Zoom weddings, we're ready to party. Here are the top wedding trends for 2022.

Baby’s Breath and candles
Baby’s breath is making a comeback as one of this year’s top trends. This is a far cry from the baby’s breath in mason jars with twine trend. This humble filler flower is now shining as the star of the show! Add some candles and you have elegant and trendy wedding décor. This posh all white wedding we recently did is an absolute paragon.

Photo credit: @everydayforeverweddings

Getting ready together

Long ago are the days of superstitions and saying it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. This old and antiquated tradition is stepping down as a new favorite sweeps in, getting ready together. This allows the couple to spend the morning together before their big day. Share an intimate moment getting ready together with your soon to be spouse.

Photo credit: @christophe_serrano_wedding

Editorial Photo black and white style

Get ready for your close up as you strike a pose in black and white flash photography. Editorial photography is all the rage this year. Channel your inner model as your photographer shoots you in this trendy style.

Photo credit: @melodyjoyco

Bonfire for dessert
Having an outdoor reception? Then this trend is definitely for you! Cozy up next to your new spouse at the end of your reception and make some s’mores while you’re at it. Not only will this allow you some time to snuggle it also being a fun DIY element to your dessert course.

Photo credit: Veronica Veros Photography

Individual charcuterie/ charcuterie cones
Need I say more? It seems like everyone is talking about charcuterie board these days but let’s add a fun and covid friendly twist to the trend. This way everyone has their own portion and these are even cuter than the larger version.

Photo credit: Fig+Honey

Greenery photo wall
You have to have at least one social media moment for you and your guests. This fun backdrop can be used as your wedding arch and then later as your insta worthy photo spot for guests. This couple incorporated their wedding flowers and neon sign as their perfect statement piece.

Photo credit: @alexandriamonette

Intimate Ceremonies, and anniception parties
Intimate ceremonies with immediate family and friends really seem to take the pressure off of the couple and creates a special moment that you’ll forever cherish. People are ready to party, celebrate your 1 year anniversary with an anniception party with the big reception you wanted.

Photo credit: @misharockphotography

Cultural cuisine and entertainment
Bring your culture into your wedding with old family recipes, traditional food, or cultural dances. Let your guests see who you and your partner are through your wedding day food and entertainment. It was amazing to watch these dragon dancers make their way across the venue.

Photo credit: @everydayforeverweddings

Champagne tower
Couples are ditching cake cutting for this fun new trend! Set up a tower of champagne glasses and gather everyone around to watch you pop the top and create a champagne fountain.

Photo credit: @frankandpeggy

Late night fast food
Comfort food at its finest! Who doesn’t want some crispy hot fries at the end of a long day, serve up some mini grilled cheese sandwiches or sliders to keep your guests fueled all night long. Add in some cute packaging and maybe even a custom bib to bring it over the top.

Photo credit: @alexandriamonette

Bonus: Outdoor, open air venues
No one wants to think about COVID on their wedding day but with indoor mask mandates, outdoor open air venues have become a hot commodity. Let your guests enjoy the comfort of the good outdoors and explore beautiful outdoor venues like this couple did.

Photo credit: @stewartandconnie