Real Talk: if you planned a wedding for 2020, it is going to look different than you originally imagined (thanks #coronavirus). We realize this is both heartbreaking and devastating. Covid-19 has disrupted the wedding (and events) industry as we know it and has required you to adjust your expectations and decide on what is most important to you for your big day. You WILL have your special day, and it will be well worth the wait.

We have put together a list of some top concerns among our couples who are currently planning (or thinking about planning) their wedding.  We address each concern with some tips and advice to help relieve the stress of this incredibly emotional time. If you have any additional questions or want to chat more about your wedding day, please reach out to us!

  • I’m thinking about postponing (or canceling ) my wedding. Help!

Feast Tip: Send a survey to your guests to see how many would still be likely in attendance. This will help determine whether to postpone. If you have a large number of guests who will be traveling, this survey will be imperative.

*If you haven’t already, reach out to your venue to come up with a plan B (or in some cases, plan C) date. Once you have a date, connect with your other vendors to ensure their availability, AND review your contracts with them (act quick on this if you are able!).

*Keep up to date and informed of all the guidelines in your wedding location because state and local regulations differ.

At Feast on This, we 100% support your request to postpone; you will not lose any money! All deposits go into an escrow account and will be held for you.  If you put down a deposit and you need to postpone, your deposit will carry to the new date automatically.

  • I’ve considered keeping our original date and having a small backyard wedding, is this the right thing to do?

Feast Tip: Get married at the courthouse or a small intimate gathering on your actual wedding day and plan a reception for your 1-year anniversary!

*This is absolutely do-able and probably the safest option to keep your original date while following CDC guidelines!  We just catered a beautiful backyard “mini-mony” a few weeks ago.  The bride and groom had a wonderful time!

And honestly, we think that even after large parties are safe again, the smaller, more intimate gatherings will persist.

*Connect with your caterer (hopefully us ?) to see about availability and if they have a required minimum number of guests.  (At Feast on This, our minimum number of guests is 8). Since we are a full event production company, we can handle all of the details for your beautiful, intimate gathering: chairs, tables, linens, china, flowers, etc.  Let us take the burden of all that coordinating off you!

  • We have our marriage license already but our venue canceled our wedding day.  We have less than 90 days to have our ceremony! Do you take last minute weddings?

*YES!  Please reach out to us as soon as possible; we can work with you on a date that works within your timeline.  We have planned large parties within 2 weeks before.  We are confident in our organization and relationships we’ve built with local vendors to be able to make something beautiful in no time!

  • What if my guests decide not to come because they feel unsafe?

*This is an easy one! Let them decide to not come!  At the end of the day, everyone feels differently about their comfort levels going places or being around people in this pandemic, and you can’t change that, nor would you want to. The super silver lining about this is: less money you have to spend! You are likely already spending money on a photographer; you can share photos of your special day to those guests who decide not to come. This day is about YOU and your fiancé.  Keep that in mind!

We understand how devastating this must be to have to alter the plans for your special day. We have a team here to help relieve your stress, even if you just want to vent! ? We are committed to help you through this grueling process and promise to make it enjoyable again!  Contact us today!