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A wedding is one of the most important moments in a couple’s and their family’s lives; we believe it’s essential to get to know our clients and ensure we produce the wedding they envision. We firmly believe in interacting with potential wedding clients first to allow them to meet us, become comfortable, and start creating that trust, and connection that engaged couples seek. Unlike traditional caterers or venues, couples are not restricted to a plated or buffet menu, they have the freedom to utilize any service style they desire including stations or family-style.

High-End Catering Services in Encinitas, CA

Do you need a caterer in Encinitas, CA? Well, you’re in luck, because Feast on This can help. We have been regarded as a trustworthy, deaf-owned catering company in Southern California. It doesn’t matter what you need a catering company for, Feast on This can help with low-key gatherings or big celebrations. We are the catering company you can truly trust. When it comes to the food, our expert staff will make certain that your event goes smoothly.

As a full service catering team, we can assist with your event planning in Encinitas, CA. No matter what the occasion is, Feast on This’ outstanding model of service can help you execute your special occasion. Our event caterers will guide you through the process to ensure you get everything you need from our outstanding team. Furthermore, we have connections with various vendors, which means we’ll be able to make an impact on your outstanding event.

Who Should I Have Cater My Event in Encinitas, CA?

We love all celebrations, and we love being part of the fun. It’s one of the joys being a go-to catering team servicing Encinitas, CA. For our part, Our object is to ensure that the food is superb for any occasion in the region and contribute to the occasion. From the fun decor we display to the outstanding, custom catering options we provide, Feast on This will be the best team for your event in Encinitas, CA.

There are many great venues throughout Encinitas, CA, and we’ve happily worked with many venues to provide people with some of the best catering services around. With our professionals taking care of the catering, you won’t need to have any concern about the food at your next occasion.

Memorable Events and Delicious Catering

You want the best of the best wedding caterers for your special event. At Feast on This, our staff of culinary professionals, servers, and bartenders enjoy bringing some excitement to each and every guest in attendance. We are happy to fulfill your event catering needs and make this occasion one to remember.

We’re a dependable catering team that’s served clients in Encinitas, CA since 2000. We have a reliable and experienced team that is regarded because of the personalized services we do that are unsurpassed amongst our competition.

Consult with Us about Your Event Catering Needs

Consult with our professional caterers about the kind of event you're hosting in Encinitas, CA and the food you would like to have catered. We will thoroughly plan the food to fit in with any dietary restrictions and any kind of atmosphere you're interested in. As a full-on catering team, you can also rely on us to handle the venue and decor planning that will tie everything together. We look forward to seeing how surprised your guests will be as they partake in the festivities and take their first bite of a quality gourmet entree. Book a consultation to talk about all the details and we’ll make certain your event goes off without a hitch!

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Our experienced team efficiently guides couples through the process of menu planning, ordering bar services, and organizing venue rentals.

wedding planning


Although we are known for our culinary productions, our team is well versed in all types of event planning, including weddings.

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Our company knows our clients on a deeper level than most caterers; we look for what is most important to every couple.

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As a full-service wedding caterer, we know a wedding is not complete without beverage service. We can accommodate any beverage needs.

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Feast on This - Wedding Rentals


Depending on the wedding venue, a couple often finds themselves with some degree of rental needs. Let us figure out the logistics.

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Wedding venues


Southern California offers an overabundance of breathtaking wedding venues. We’ll help you find your wedding location.

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Our extensive background in event planning enables us to answer any question from our clients during the planning process.

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