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A wedding is one of the most important moments in a couple’s and their family’s lives; we believe it’s essential to get to know our clients and ensure we produce the wedding they envision. We firmly believe in interacting with potential wedding clients first to allow them to meet us, become comfortable, and start creating that trust, and connection that engaged couples seek. Unlike traditional caterers or venues, couples are not restricted to a plated or buffet menu, they have the freedom to utilize any service style they desire including stations or family-style.

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Event catering is what we do best and you see this with the focus and attention we put towards your event. Because ultimately, carefully curated foods and professional service is what we're all about. Our professional caterers near Rancho Santa Fe, CA partner up with vendors to establish a well executed and one-of-a-kind sensory experience.

We’re boutique caterers that curate a delectable list of food items and focus on picking a venue with stylish decor that is tailored to your liking. We bet that this great event will be one that you and everyone else won’t soon forget.

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Making remarkable recollections is what we strive for with our top-notch catering. We have a culinary team that is committed and enthusiastic about offering clients with a unique dining experience, whether it be for a small luncheon or an elaborate wedding. Our chef uses the finest ingredients to deliver delicious appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

A lot of the event catering we do is done in-house but sometimes we reach out to our partners to execute a sophisticated event that is to your expectations. We’ve thought of everything—from fresh gourmet meals to getting places that make a fantastic backdrop for the occasion.

Memorable Events and Quality Catering

Feast on This offers an abundance of tailored catering service in various breathtaking venues across Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The next time you are looking for a full-service event and catering team, you can turn to us. Our experience guarantees that your event will be a fantastic one. Our staff goes above and beyond for every client. We go above and beyond since we understand how essential professional catering is at any event. We ensure that your menu and venue fits your wants, dietary requirements, and other necessities. Feast on This only partners with qualified vendors with whom we have solid relationships, allowing us to establish meaningful and well-executed events. This capability to arrange with various vendors means you can attend your function worry-free and spend time engaging with guests and enjoying yourself.

Our capabilities as Rancho Santa Fe, CA's leading caterer and event planner lets us provide a full sensory experience that offers instantaneous reactions and creates long-lasting memories.

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Feast on This loves being in on the party. We establish unique ways for guests at your gathering to join in on the celebration. With our quality food and our fantastic chef station, you can be sure your event in Rancho Santa Fe, CA is one to be remembered. Reach out to Feast on This now to learn more about our catering services and to book an appointment.

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Our experienced team efficiently guides couples through the process of menu planning, ordering bar services, and organizing venue rentals.

wedding planning


Although we are known for our culinary productions, our team is well versed in all types of event planning, including weddings.

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Our company knows our clients on a deeper level than most caterers; we look for what is most important to every couple.

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As a full-service wedding caterer, we know a wedding is not complete without beverage service. We can accommodate any beverage needs.

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Feast on This - Wedding Rentals


Depending on the wedding venue, a couple often finds themselves with some degree of rental needs. Let us figure out the logistics.

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Wedding venues


Southern California offers an overabundance of breathtaking wedding venues. We’ll help you find your wedding location.

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Our extensive background in event planning enables us to answer any question from our clients during the planning process.

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